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CEO: Mrs G Coffey OBE

01753 691583


At Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy we expect everybody to come to school ready to learn and to make the most of the opportunities available.

In summary we expect all members of our community to show respect for—

  • Themselves
  • Each other
  • Achievement

Please click on the links below to read our individual policies. These were specifically created in line with the vision and values at Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy.


If your child is unwell and is unable to attend school. – You should contact the school reception on (01753) 691583.

If your child is suffering with a minor illness such as a cold, headache or tummy ache, then you can inform the school via a phone call or a note sent into school with your child. First aid staff will be happy to monitor your child and contact you if necessary.

Sickness or diarrhoea - the protocol is that your child should refrain from attending school for 48 hours after the last bout of diarrhoea or vomiting.

Prescribed medication - you may send the medication into school accompanied by a parent consent form obtainable from Reception, however you should not send in more than one day’s dosage at any given time. No student is permitted to carry any medication on their person; this must be handed in to Reception.

If your child should be ill or involved in an accident during the school day: Trained first aid staff will attend and assess your child. If it is believed that your child is well enough to complete the school day a record of treatment will be logged and your child will be monitored periodically. If your child is too ill or has been involved in an accident that requires professional medical care, then parents/carers will be notified immediately and asked to collect their child from school.

If your child has injuries that require calling the emergency services, these will be contacted by the school and parents/carers notified of this immediately. It is of the utmost importance that all contact numbers / e-mail addresses held by the school are current and up to date.

Click Here to download the Consent to Medical Form


We welcome all forms of communication from parents. The main link for parents is the child's planner which they will need in school every day. We ask that you sign this every week and comment if you have any concerns or questions. Alternatively you may contact us by

Phone - (01753) 691583
Email -

Or by letter

In the first instance, you should contact the child’s form tutor or subject teacher directly. If you have other concerns, please contact your child's Head of Year. You will also receive three reports during the school year which will include details on how well your child is doing in school. We hold two evening events – Settling in Evening (an opportunity to meet the student’s form tutor) and Parents’ Evening (an opportunity to meet subject teachers).

Click here to download the full policy.

Essential Equipment

All students are expected to arrive to school ready for the day ahead. This includes all items of equipment listed in the students’ planner. It is essential that students get into the habit of packing their school bag the night before to ensure they have all of the correct equipment, including completed homework.

Lost Property

Any items found within school are placed in the lost property cupboard in the Academy reception. Students can look for lost items during first break and at the start of lunchtime. If items are named then these will be returned to the students. Un-named items that are not collected will be kept for half a term (approximately 6 weeks) and then donated to a local charity.


We strongly advise that no valuable items or large sums of money are brought into school. Members of staff and the school will take no responsibility for any items lost or stolen within school. Personal items of value or importance are brought in at your own risk. Money brought in for academy trips should be handed in to the member of staff responsible. There is no insurance for theft of personal possessions – this must be obtained by your parents’/carers’ insurance company.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones throughout the academy day is strictly forbidden. This includes, without exception, break time, lunch time and while on the premises at the end of the academy day.


At Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy, we pride ourselves on offering a range of different support to help your child succeed. Each student has a Form Tutor who should be the first point of call for any concern. This can be through the planner or by phone via the school office. All teachers work hard to ensure that all students settle in quickly and successfully to LHEA and benefit from what the school has to offer.

Students may also get additional support from the Special Educational Needs department to develop important skills such as literacy. Additional support is also offered to students who show a particular talent in a specific area. Each department runs different activities and there is also a whole school enrichment programme.