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CEO: Mrs G Coffey OBE

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The English curriculum builds on the skills already developed in primary schools and students are given a wide range of experience in all aspects of English, covering the full spectrum of National Curriculum requirements.

Year 7

Students will cover a range of units including the openings of classic novels, a letter back to their primary school, study of Shakespeare and some extracts of his plays, a novel or short stories, newspapers, poetry and a drama text.

Year 8

Students will cover the study of a prose text, media analysis, a Shakespeare play, speeches, either a film study, spoken language unit, or an additional novel, and a poetry unit.

Assessment will take place each half term and involve pieces marked for reading and writing as well as some speaking and listening assessments.

Every student will have a personal reading and writing target at the front of their exercise book as well as specific ongoing guidance on how to improve. We will encourage all students to take an active part in assessing their own work, responding to feedback and aspiring to be the best they can be in English.

Improving literacy skills

Students will also have regular reading lessons to help them read and understand a range of different texts.

All students have a spelling and vocabulary book and helping your child improve in these two areas is an important part of our teaching. Students will be set new spellings to learn each week according to their spelling ability.